Most organizations follow ad hoc shipping as their order delivery approach. Instead of installing a multi-carrier shipping solution, they conduct an online search and compare the shipping rates.  With the information, they settle for the shipping option that is suitable and convenient with both the buyer and the seller. As you know, businesses operate in seasons and grow with time. Hence, when sales grow, the ad hoc shipping model selection becomes ineffective.

At this point, as an entrepreneur, you must seek an option that is cost effective and central to ensure efficiency in shipping activities. Thus, if your business sales are growing, here are the benefits you will earn by opting for multi-carrier shipping solutions:

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Giving your customers freedom of choice

After customers complete their shopping and putting their items in the cart, the next thing they look for is the available shipping options before completing the transaction. Offering a single carrier denies the customers an opportunity to align their needs with preferences. Hence, it might lead to an increase in abandoned cart cases. To avoid such cases you need to provide several options for the customers to choose. As such, installing a multi-carrier shipping solution can help you to meet the customers’ desires.

Ease rate comparison

Saving on cost is the objective of any business. With a single carrier, you can only pay the listed shipping rates. While the overall goal of opting for a single carrier is to lower the shipping cost and eliminate any delays, the results are not always as expected. Like any other international and regional organizations, carrier companies have deferring performances in different regions. Some may offer cheaper costs in given regions.

In this regard, you need a multi-carrier shipping solution; you have the opportunity to compare carriers’ rates for shipping a parcel to a particular destination. Thus you can opt for the most affordable and suitable shipping option which enables you to save on cost.

Helps you to reduce or manage risks

Shipping is one of the activities with high-risk potential. When delivering items from one region to another, relying on a single carrier can result in significant losses. For instance, if your preference carrier bans delivery services to particular destinations, it means you will suffer from the additional cost of finding a new carrier. Also, you can easily lose customers if the delay exceeds the usual. It is for this reason you need to opt for multi-carrier shipping to ensure your deliveries are always intact.

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